Meet the team

Sea Breeze Properties is the pioneering team behind North City. They are on a mission to create more livable, walkable and environmentally friendly communities in San Diego.

With over $500 million in development, the team brings innovative architecture, design flair and inventive placemaking principles to create places that people will love.

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Gary Levitt, President + Founder of Sea Breeze Properties

“We want to create the kind of city we love being in: where life can go wonderfully off script, where things can surprise you. Two key ingredients for this kind of city life are density and walkability — and North City is built on both of them.”

Darren Levitt, Vice President of Sea Breeze Properties

“We’re fascinated by how art and culture can enrich city life. When you walk around North City you’ll notice artworks peaking through bamboo stalks or see people coming together for outdoor movie nights or to listen to live music. We’re always exploring how art and culture can blossom in North City.”

Our design partner

Safdie Rabines Architects is the lead masterplan architect and a true partner to North City. Their designs highlight the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding landscape, and blur the lines between building and garden. 222 North City is an exemplar of this design philosophy, and is set to be an architectural landmark in the city. The talented team of architects, designers and urban planners continue to shape the future of North City through imaginative and distinctive design.

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It takes a village

How do you build a city from scratch? North City is possible thanks to the support and expertise of our brilliant partners. Over the years, we have assembled a network of artists, city officials, designers and engineers who believe in our vision and help turn it into reality. Everyone can make a positive difference here, get in touch if you’d like to shape the future of North City.