Low-carbon city

North City is part of a growing movement rethinking urban design. 

We’re moving away from a city centered on cars, to one centered on people, pioneering a dense and low-carbon city of the future.

Made for walking

A happier and healthier life starts with our streets. We design tree-lined streets and paseos, with shady planting and bike racks. We want to make walking and biking the easier option. Plus, it’s just more fun that way. You can pick up a coffee along the way, and explore some of our murals and public artwork.

Above and under ground

Walk around North City and you’ll notice the leafy streets, shady trees and succulent plants. 

There’s a whole world underneath the surface. Using innovative stormwater technology, we have a built-in stormwater management system that collects over 80,000 gallons of runoff water. Special grates and soils have been designed to capture urban runoff and retain it to nourish the trees.

Our sustainability efforts are ongoing


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