North City
NC Rendering 180717.jpg

site work in progress

pardon our dust



It takes time and patience to move so much dirt around, plus a heck of a lot of team work. 

We're honored to work with the City of San Marcos, our Construction & Development Teams, and everyone that has / is currently / or will someday touch this project. 

Big projects like North City often require mandated infrastructure improvements - maybe to improve the future flow of traffic or upgrade existing infrastructure to meet new and improved environmental standards. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

We promise: 

  1. We'll do our best to be mindful of the community as we work safely & swiftly.

  2. We will be done before the Zombie Apocalypse.

Look familiar? It will soon enough - Barham Drive is getting a facelift, along with the current construction for the CSUSM Extended Learning Building at the corner of Barham Drive & Campus Way.



contact north city construction

If you have specific questions or comments about the construction work being done to the streets and infrastructure, send us an email at