Shopping in San Marcos: A Quick Guide

Sep 21, 2020 | North City, San Marcos

Whether you live in San Marcos or you’re just passing through, it’s helpful to know where to shop. The truth about this community is that retail shopping is big, and often the difficulty isn’t in finding a good place to browse and to buy, but rather narrowing down your list of opportunities.

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a highlight reel. This isn’t a comprehensive guide to shopping in San Marcos, but it will provide you with a few well-vetted tips and recommendations.

So check out our picks, and happy shopping to you all!

Outlets and Malls

If you’d like to make a day of it, there are plenty of malls and retail outlets where you can score great deals on a wide variety of products. As an added bonus, many of these shopping establishments offer some great places for you to catch a meal, a restorative beverage, or a light snack.

Some favorite San Marcos outlets and malls include:

You can click through to any of these specific malls to learn more about individual stores, restaurants, and other tenants.

Clothing Boutiques

Not everyone likes malls or shopping centers; thankfully, San Marcos offers plenty of amazing boutiques. These smaller shops allow you to have a more intimate and personalized shopping experience, to soak up some local color, and to see some merchandise you might not find in bigger retail spots.

A few favorite clothing boutiques in San Marcos include:

Feel free to check out the individual website of each shop to get a better feel for their style and their range of products.

Shopping Safely During COVID-19

As you try some of these local shopping establishments, it’s important to keep health and safety in mind. Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a central concern, but there are a few basic steps you can take to shop safely.

  • Remember your social distancing; try to maintain six feet of space between you and the other shoppers or employees.
  • Avoid any kind of physical contact, including handshakes or hugs.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Make sure you keep your mask on at all times.
  • Bring a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer, and use it periodically. Also be sure to wash your hands before eating, and upon arriving back home.
  • Bring a pack of disinfectant wipes to clean off any shopping carts of baskets before you use them.
  • If you feel sick or symptomatic in any way, make sure you stay home!

Start Shopping in San Marcos

As your day of shopping winds down, we invite you to cap it off at one of the top-notch restaurants we have at North City; or, to come decompress at Mason Ale Works or Newtopia. You might even come work out some stress at Mesa Rim North City, which opens at the end of September. Bottom line: There are plenty of ways to enjoy a fun, safe day of shopping here in San Marcos. We invite you to check out some of these great, local opportunities… and of course, we especially hope to see you come around North City sometime soon! Reach out to us directly if you have any additional questions.


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