A lot of people have been struggling to get back on their feet in the wake of COVID-19. While the economic pinch has been pretty close to universal, small business owners are feeling a particular level of strain. Because many of them had to shut down or limit their services at the peak of the pandemic, many are now significantly cash strapped.
The good news is that businesses are starting to re-open, and to resume some semblance of normalcy. This means you have an opportunity to show material support for your favorite local businesses. In this post, we’ll give you a few suggestions.

Supporting Local Businesses

1) Buy gift cards.

The quickest way to provide some cash flow to businesses in need? Purchase a gift card or two. You can give them as presents, save them for upcoming birthdays, or simply stock them away for later use. A gift card is a great investment because it’s instant cash-in-hand for small businesses that are really struggling to get by… and, if you’re not yet comfortable using your gift card, you don’t have to!

2) Choose local whenever you can.

Yes, there is something to be said for the convenience of Target and Costco. But those aren’t the businesses that are hurting right now. Any time you can buy from a small, locally owned business, try to do so. This extends to online shopping, too. At the peak of the pandemic, a lot of local businesses really stepped up their online commerce options, meaning you should browse local store websites before adding to your Amazon.com cart.

3) Don’t ask for your money back.

Yes, even the best local business may sometimes sell you a product that doesn’t work as advertised, or simply doesn’t meet your specifications. It’s totally fine to seek restitution, but we’d urge you to ask for a store credit rather than a cash refund. Remember, cash is the one thing that many businesses need to cling to right now. Help them out whenever you can.

4) Promote on social media.

Feel like you’re not in a good place to help local businesses financially? Maybe there are other ways you can help. One option is to spread the love on social media. Share your favorite store’s content, hype your latest purchases, or offer recommendations to friends and followers. Leaving Google and Facebook reviews can help, too!

5) Tip generously.

Finally, look for opportunities to leave nice, big tips on purchases. Every little bit helps! If you normally tip 15 percent, consider upping it to 18. Tipping is a good way to support local businesses and the employees who may be treading water right now.

Be a Champion for Local Businesses

There’s arguably never been a more critical time to show your support for local businesses. Many of them are struggling, but your efforts can help them regain firm footing. Consider ways in which you can support local businesses today.

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