We have nothing at all against drinking big, mainstream beer brands. But at the end of the day, we’re way more excited about the opportunities that exist to support local microbreweries and cideries. In fact, we have a number of top San Marcos bars and San Marcos breweries located right here at North City.

URGE Gastropub and Common House at North City - 5 Reasons to Drink Local

There are several reasons why we think it’s good to drink local, and why we’re ultimately so excited to provide our customers with cool local brews. Here are just a few of them.

Why Drink Local?

Our top reasons to support San Marcos breweries:

  1. It’s a chance to support the local economy. Let’s be honest: The folks at Budweiser don’t necessarily need your money. But local brewers really might. Drinking local is a good way to support them, to create jobs, and to make sure your hard-earned money is reinvested right here in the San Marcos area.
  2. You’ll get better and fresher ingredients. Most local brewers are going to be very careful about the ingredients they put into their beers and ciders, and to source them from local vendors as much as possible. That means higher-quality drinks for you; and, again, it means more money being invested in the local economy.
  3. You’ll have more styles and selections available to you. Local breweries tend to be pretty consistent in cycling between different seasonal selections. This means more variety, and more chances to try new beers and ciders. In other words, it can make adult, social drinking a little more exciting!
  4. You might get to meet your local brew master. You’ll probably never get a chance to say hello to the person who brews your Sam Adams, but you may get a chance to meet your local brewer. This can be a fun opportunity to ask them your questions about the brewing process.
  5. Going to the local brewery is just fun! Finally, local breweries and cideries tend to be really fun, friendly environments. That’s certainly the case with the San Marcos bars on-site here at North City.
Newtopia Cider - Drinking at North City

Drinking at North City

So what are your options for adult, social drinking at North City? You can find a San Marcos brewery by visiting our directory. Or you can check out one of these great options:

Of course, our directory will also point you toward some good places to stop for snacks, full meals, coffee, and tea.

One more thing about drinking at North City: We understand that many are concerned about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, we wish to assure you that our tenants all offer total compliance with the latest California public health guidelines, including social distancing, outdoor seating, and limited occupancy. We want you to feel totally safe as you drink with us.

We look forward to seeing you here at North City, where we hope you’ll enjoy some responsible drinking at one of our great local breweries and bars.